Charity begins at home

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The best thing about being a photographer is meeting new people, getting out into the community or workplace and seeing what’s going on in the world. Working for a charity can be particularly rewarding, knowing that your work will hopefully spread the word and help them raise awareness or money. No matter for whom I’m photographing I’m always striving for the best possible picture and that passion when combined with being at a charity full of people who are equally passionate about their organisation can often produce great pictures,

Autumn Colours

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A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days at a local school shooting pictures for their prospectus and marketing material. I’m missing the autumn colours and warm light, it seemed to be a long autumn with the leaves and the rich tones lasting longer than normal. I love that time of year for photography, particularly back lighting the subject with a backdrop of golden hues and the light piercing through dappling the scene.

Racing at Cheltenham

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This weekend I was photographing in and around Cheltenham Racecourse. The light was stunning and the weather unseasonably warm, both lent themselves well to making good pictures.

With the colour still in the trees on the Prom in Cheltenham I thought it might be nice to look for racegoers enjoying the town centre as well, an aspect of the racing scene I’ve often missed in the past being normally focused on the action.

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