The best thing about being a photographer is meeting new people, getting out into the community or workplace and seeing what’s going on in the world.

Working for a charity can be particularly rewarding, knowing that your work will hopefully spread the word and help them raise awareness or money.
No matter for whom I’m photographing I’m always striving for the best possible picture and that passion when combined with being at a charity full of people who are equally passionate about their organisation can often produce great pictures, there is a shared energy and shared goal.

I have been lucky to cover the Work of Heart knitted garden for Sue Ryder as they spread the word ahead of its instillation at RHS Malvern Spring Show. Clare Young dreamed up the project in memory of her late husband Ken who was treated by Sue Ryder and to raise money for the organisation in the process.

Working in difficult or sensitive situations it is important to maintain professionalism but also to be human, letting that emotion in can make for a connection and stronger images.
When I visited the James Hopkins Trust that supports families with very poorly and disabled children it was hard not to be moved by the work they do and to be inspired by the nurses and fundraisers. I just want my pictures to do them justice and in some very small way help with their efforts.